Sounds and Letters

Let's explore

Set One ‘Read Write Inc’ Sounds

This is a cut down version of what I would do in the class so as not to make the video too long and protracted.  I have tried to order the video exactly in sequence, so fingers crossed! 

Listen carefully to the way the letter sound is enunciated and copy it.  Keep the sound pure!

A phoneme is the sound that a letter makes and a grapheme is the shape of the letter.

Do not expect your child to learn them straight away from one viewing.  In class we would revisit the cards several times a day and then keep revisiting them for an extended period of time - months!  So do not worry if your child can not remember them at first.  It can sometimes take up to 64 times for a child to experience something they are exposed to orally and or visually until they know/learn/recognise and begin to use it.

Remember that when writing the letters it does not always have to take the form of using a pencil on paper. 

Children can:

‘Air write’ the letters

Use a paint brush with water on the pavement to write them

Use their magic finger and write the letters on your back and vice versa

Write them in dry or wet flour, sand, glitter, paint, shaving foam...

Make the letter shape using road pieces or a train track and 'drive' around the letter but don't forget the lead

Use squirting (re-cycled) bottles filled with water and write the letters on a wall or pavement...  - stand back!

If you can make their learning practical and a sensory experience, your child is more likely to remember it!