Ideas for things to do

Resources for children who really enjoy music making or listening to music; there are units and ideas on different types of music.
Living Streets is what we use at school for the children to record their journeys to school to earn their monthly badges. This site has some suggestions for activities to do which encourage families to be active.
A lot of work is being accessed online. If you'd like a break from the screen or are having IT issues, here are some ideas to do which don't involve technology.
Off School is a website full of free activities and videos with lots of ideas for things to do at home.
This site has some good ideas for simple maths activities and games that can be done at home.
If you do manage to get outside for your daily exercise, whether going for a walk or being in the garden, why not try this scavenger hunt from Living Streets who run our Travel Tracker which the children fill in and earn their monthly badges.