Fly To The Line Regional Final

Tuesday 5th June 2018
Sasha, Bella, Georgia and Millie travelled to the North East Land, Sea and Air Museum in Sunderland to take part in the regional finals of the Fly To The Line competition today.
Schools came from all over the region and one team had even come from Glasgow. We spent some time looking round the exhibits to get ideas for the glider design before working together to build a new one just for this competition. The girls decided to focus on a simple design which was well balanced so that it would fly well.
The competition stage was very exciting with some gliders performing well and others less so. Teams were able to tweak their design in between launches and this often made a remarkable difference. The winning team had failed to have a good flight on their first 2 runs but on the third pulled and amazing flight out of the bag. The top 3 teams were very close with Allendale coming in third overall. The top 3 teams go through to the National Finals which is very exciting.
All being well, the team will travel to Telford later this month to compete against the other regional finalists. The whole team are inspired by their experience and are looking forward to future engineering challenges.