Mental health, well-being and anxiety

Every Mind Matters is a resource from Public Health England which provides advice and resources on aspects of mental health and wellbeing.
Northumberland Psychological Services have produced some advice about home schooling children to reduce stress in the current situation.
The NSPCC has created a new webpage with information and advice for parents or carers who are worried that a child or young person may be struggling with their mental health or has anxiety about coronavirus. The webpage contains information on: talking about feelings and worries; keeping in touch and balancing screen time; ways to create structure and routine; and helping to give children a sense of control.
The NSPCC Library and Information Service has created a series of books for children who are worried or anxious. Their free information service remains open and can provide reading lists and help parents find information on safeguarding topics.
Below are a couple of resources which explain Coronavirus to children. Underdog is a cartoon strip which may address some of the worries that younger children have.
Parentzone have produced an article entitled "How to look after your families' health when stuck indoors."
Northumberland Psychological Services have produced some information about talking to children in an age appropriate way about Coronavirus.